Thousands of young people who might never have attended college have been enabled by Morris College to receive the benefits — and reap the rewards — of higher education. Our policy of admitting those who have the potential to do college work, our commitment to help every student reach that potential through individual attention, and our strong program of financial aid offer exciting opportunities for personal advancement.

Our location is uniquely attractive. Sumter is an ideal location for a college like Morris. This small city in the heart of South Carolina offers a warm atmosphere that enhances the close family feeling on our campus. The people of Sumter are supportive of the College and its students and make all of us feel welcome in the community. Businesses, industries, and religious groups are glad to have Morris College here and make their feelings known.

A Christian environment strengthens Morris. A Morris College education is stronger because of the Christian environment in which learning takes place. Our concern for each of our students and our commitment to help each one reach his or her personal best are a reflection of this philosophy. The mission of Morris College is to prepare students for full and productive careers, enhancing both their lives and the society in which they take their places.

Mission of Morris College

Morris College was founded in 1908 by the Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina to provide educational opportunities for Negro students in response to the historical denial of access to the existing educational system. Today, under the continued ownership of its founding body, the College opens its doors to a culturally and geographically diverse student body, typically from the Southeast and Northeast regions. Morris College is an accredited, four-year, coeducational, residential, liberal arts institution awarding baccalaureate degrees in the arts and sciences.

The College serves the needs of its students, alumni and community. It serves its students by

  • Providing sound liberal arts and career-based programs with a particular emphasis on teacher education.
  • Providing an intensive program for mastering basic social, thinking, listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematical, technological, and leadership skills.
  • Providing services and programs to assist in their academic, social, professional, and personal development.
  • Promoting an ethical and religious environment which complements the student's total development.

It serves its alumni by

  • Promoting a relationship that is mutually beneficial to the alumni and the institution.

It serves its community by

  • Providing continuing education and services to clergy and laity.
  • Promoting the growth and development of the larger community through public service programs.
  • Providing research services and facilities in the solution of academic and community problems.

Morris College is primarily a student-centered institution which seeks to fulfill this mission by

  • Evaluating the academic performance of students to ensure competence in communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and the use of information technology.
  • Emphasizing a broad understanding of the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Emphasizing specific professional and technical skills necessary to meet societal demands.
  • Emphasizing total development of the student for responsible citizenship in a global society.

This student-centered commitment embraces the College's motto, "Enter to Learn; Depart to Serve."