Study Abroad Program Heads to South Africa

 As a part of the Morris College Study Abroad Program, thirteen students and four professors will travel to the “Rainbow Nation” of South Africa from March 2 to March 11, 2012. After a stop in Frankfurt, Germany, the group will travel to Johannesburg, the financial and commercial center of South Africa. In Johannesburg students will visit the Apartheid Museum and tour Soweto, (Southwest Township), a pacesetter for music, language and politics.

Students will examine the economic development and resource management of the city, study artistic endeavors, including the Market Theatre Complex, and explore issues of migration, urbanization, and cultural diversity in a historical context.

Before flying from Johannesburg to Capetown, the southern tip of Africa, students will travel to Kruger National Park, the oldest and largest game reserve in the world, to observe the unique ecosystem and the many species of African animals.

The trip will enhance the studies of students currently enrolled in International Business, Introduction to Theatre and Cultural Geography.

Traveling with the group from the city are alumnae Sarah Nelson and Willie Mae Holland and local photographer, Charlie Mathis.