Morris College Retention at Record High

  Recruit, enroll, and graduate - appears to be a simple formula for providing educational opportunities, but Morris College, as well as other institutions of higher learning, knows it’s more than the obvious. One of many other key components is retention.  According to President Richardson, “Retention efforts are an ‘across the board’ concept” and everyone at Morris College is definitely “on board.”

   Morris College’s retention rate for the fall 2009 first-time freshman cohort is 70%, which is the college’s highest first-time freshman cohort retention rate and solidifies retention improvement. In previous years, the highest first-time freshman cohort retention rate was 60%. Additionally, the retention rate for the total fall 2009 enrollment is 72%, which is another record high for Morris College.

   Retention rates are measured fall to fall, meaning the students enrolled the previous fall semester are tracked to see if they returned for the current fall semester.