Organizational Management Program

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Division of Business Administration

 Organizational Management Program

The Morris College Organizational Management Program is an accelerated degree program designed for working adults age 25 and older who have 60 semester hours of transferable college credits. Graduates of the program earn a Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in Organizational Management. The Organizational Management major provides working adults with the knowledge and skills pertaining to management, organizational behavior, and human resources for the purpose of promoting managerial effectiveness and enhancing human performance in organizations.

Designed to foster career and educational advancement, the program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to start their own businesses or to assume managerial positions within small and large agencies. Students in the program discover how to adapt business strategies to accommodate changing marketplace conditions; apply effective leadership skills; gain the ability to assess organizational needs and implement effective improvement scenarios by analyzing case studies and completing a capstone research project.

The Division of Business Administration focuses on the development of individual abilities and the marketable skills necessary to secure employment in business, industry, government or other agencies.

The Organizational Management Program offers

Flexibility – The Organizational Management Program offers evening and weekend classes. In fact, most classes meet only one evening a week from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

A Competitive Edge – Earn a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Organizational Management in as short a time as 18 months.

Convenience – All classes meet on the campus of Morris College. The Organizational Management Program allows students to maintain their full-time jobs and attend classes.

Accessibility – Provides students with access to faculty and staff, advance technology, social activities, career services as well as a host of other resources and activities.

Quality Education – Through classroom discussions, group assignments, and guided research applications, students will build strong managerial and leadership skills.

Marketability – Students acquire skills and professional credentials to make them more competitive in the workplace or to give them a whole new career start.

Affordability – Grants, scholarships, and student loans are available for students who qualify.

Classroom Innovation – The Cohort or group learning experience promotes peer support, academic exchange, and professional networking.

Enrollment Options – The Organizational Management Program accepts new students in the fall and spring semesters.

Division of Business Administration

Organizational Management Program
Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Organizational Management:

General Education 60
Organizational Management Core 48
  ORM-300 Adult Development and Career Life Assessment 3
  ORM-301 Group and Organizational Behavior 3
  ORM-302 Organizational Concepts 3
  ORM-303 Organizational Communication 3
  ORM-304 Methods of Research and Analysis 3
  ORM-305 Research Project Seminar I 1
  ORM-400 Humanities: A Holistic Approach 3
  ORM-401 Managerial Economics 3
  ORM-402 Managerial Marketing 3
  ORM-403 Managerial Accounting and Finance 4
  ORM-404 Managerial Principles 3
  ORM-405 Biblical Perspectives 3
  ORM-406 Human Resource Management 3
  ORM-407 Strategic Planning 3
  ORM-408 Personal Values and Organizational Ethics 3
  ORM-409 Capstone Course: Research Project Seminar II 4
Electives as required 0-16



  • In 2006, the Organizational Management degree program received accreditation from the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.
  • Highest Graduation Rate among all degree programs offered at the college (Spring Semester 2005–Spring Semester 2007: 77%).
  • Greater number of students attending Graduate and Professional Schools after graduation (2003-2007, Five-Year average: 84%).
  • More career options and career placement are available.
  • Graduates experience greater promotional opportunities within existing settings and externally.

For additional information, please call or write:

Ms. Elmira Rutherford, Director
Organizational Management Program

100 West College Street
Sumter, SC 29150
Ph: (803) 934-3248 or 934-3249
Fax: (803) 775-5669
Academic Hall Building, Room 105