Division of General Studies

Advice, Support, and Tutoring from Faculty Who Care


 Division of General Studies Brochure

Special programs in Morris College’s Division of General Studies help you build conidence in your academic achievements. These programs include the Academic Success Center, where tutorial assistance is ofered in reading, writing, math, and speech. Tutoring is available from faculty members, peer tutors, and tutoring specialists in Student Support Services.

The Honors Program is implemented through Honors sections of regular courses. Special Honors Seminars provide an environment conducive to intellectual stimulation and growth. Students who are admitted to the program automatically become members of R.A.R.E.–Reinforcers, Achievers, and Representatives of Excellence. R.A.R.E. members sponsor forums, symposia, and other activities. They also participate in regional and national conferences.

The Division of General Studies at Morris College offers students, through its core curriculum of liberal arts courses, an opportunity to improve their learning skills and master the content necessary for success in major courses.

Our Faculty

One hundred percent of the faculty have earned the master’s degree or the doctorate degree and are experienced teachers and scholars. All have published books or articles or made presentations at educational and professional conferences.

The Division of General Studies is the academic home for freshmen and sophomores at Morris College.

Freshmen and sophomores will have access to Support, Advising, Academic Success Center, Writing Center, Mathematics Tutorial Center, The Scholarship Bowl, The Freshman Extravaganza, The Sophomore Parade of Stars, The Bell Ringer, The Sophomore Journal and Newsletter, and faculty who really care. Performances include an exhibition of talents in speech, drama, music and dance.